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Shocked! Arsenal 1 super rich array of hidden hiding a team of people for seven years

Speaking of football's top tycoons, people often first reaction was C Ronaldo, Messi these top players in the spotlight, but disclosed in accordance with the recent "Sun" of a report, the veteran Arsenal Mathieu Flamini, It turned out to be a big spender invisible.

According to reports, Flamini is co-founder of biotech company GF Biochemicals, the company is the world's first mass production of levulinic acid can company. Levulinic acid is extremely important organic raw material, is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, as well as lubricants, perfume making, this chemical product is likely to fully replace petroleum in the near future. When Flamini from Arsenal in 2008 to switch to AC Milan and his business partner Pasquale - Granada co-founded the company. The company's "GF" but also because the two of them named after the initials.

Flamini Flamini is the founder of the founder
After that, Flamini for the company has invested millions of dollars to maintain the operation, and now, their company has 400 employees, 80 people entrenched in their factories in Italy, Caserta. In an interview with "The Sun" reporter, Flamini said: "I have been very concerned about environmental issues, climate change and global warming, I met my partner, he minded me, now, we are opening a the potential value of the market to reach 20 billion pounds. "

Founder of the company on their own this thing, Flamini hitherto tight-lipped on his teammates: "I might know in our lunch this week when it's teammate at AC Milan, and I saw Arsenal teammate estimate The story we know it all. I think Wenger do not know, I never mentioned this thing with him. "

Arsenal team Arsenal team have been kept in the dark have been kept in the dark

It's something about the relationship and Flamini football career, he was to say: "When you just start a business, the need to put into a lot of money, will take great risks and pressure but for me. This is a way to escape. football career is always composed by the ups and downs, the founder of a company that helps to sort out my logic, help me to think about different things, and exercise my intelligence. "

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