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FIFA Preview: Orangemen have no choice except victory has dropped third top seed

2018 Top 40 Asian World Cup qualifying match will continue tomorrow, the Chinese men's soccer team will be away to China, Hong Kong, China's men's soccer game in three points behind Hong Kong, China, ranked third in the group. FIFA's official website is also the author for the game World Cup Asian zone will be forward-looking report, focusing on the current situation of the Chinese team, I do not think anybody would have thought, as the top seed Chinese team group, currently ranked only third, want to keep march World Cup dream, in addition to win the remaining three games, they have no other choice.

FIFA official website of "revenge trio" as the subject reported the upcoming World Cup Asian Zone 40 finals, Jordan, China, Singapore, respectively face Kyrgyzstan, China, Hong Kong and Syria, which both Jordan and China are to meet in the first leg at home 0-0 draw, Singapore is in the 0-1 defeat at home, three teams are hoping to complete the current round of the group stage revenge. And Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, South Korea round will face the team bottom of the team, they also hope to continue to expand the leading edge.

FIFA official website focuses on China's soccer team, said China perhaps the most pessimistic fans did not expect to, difficult situation facing the Chinese team to compete for the second group, and Perrin's team is the team began to seed teams, but now only can stay in the team third, five points behind Qatar, Hong Kong, China 3 points behind, has the opportunity to top the group qualify as very slim. China's first World Cup team in 2002 was already something, they now have no choice, under the remaining three games to win and retain the best four scores as the second team qualifying hopes.

Unfortunately, the Chinese team 0-0 draw with China began in Hong Kong, while Qatar lost 0-1 away to put themselves in danger as to, in order to beat his opponent in the second battle, the Chinese team coach Perrin has been recruited into the Guangzhou Heng Huang Bowen and the Yankees large thin Zhe Zhang, to improve the strength of the team in the frontcourt. Hong Kong, China Ensemble expect naturalized players Paul Reno and alex continue to have a good performance, Paul scored a penalty on Reno round to help China beat Hong Kong 1-0 in Maldives.

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