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Surprise! Western media exposure washed four star Chelsea in January to buy 64 million Hao Feng Pa

Chelsea's record this season is very bad, so in the next winter transfer window, Mourinho's team is likely to usher in changes. According to "Daily Sports Daily" reported that Chelsea prepare in the winter cleaning Azar, Oscar, Matic and Diego - Four stars Costa and the like. Moreover, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain striker Cavani will also acquire.

Premier League 12 Harding Park, Chelsea only 11 points ranked first 16 Premier League, only just above the relegation zone than 3 points. Seen from the Premier League champions Chelsea suddenly fallen so far, Mourinho determined in the next winter transfer window, the Blues were on the big shake. "Daily Sport newspaper," said Mourinho had told Abramovich that he would like to update the lineup in January next year, and Azar, Oscar, Matic and Diego - Costa these four, it will be cleaned Chelsea out.

These four star, very bad performance of the season, which also makes Mourinho was determined to clean them. However, because four of them are famous players, so they do not lack at home. Azar's name, previously and Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and other local tyrant together. As Matic, "the daily sports newspaper," said Mourinho in the locker room he was very dissatisfied with the attitude of, so you want to clean out his Chelsea.

At the same time, not missing under Oscar home, he became a Juventus goal. "Daily Mail" revealed that Juventus want to buy Oscar in January. "Turin Sports Daily" reported that Juventus sporting director Paratici recently appeared in London, he purpose of this trip, is considered to be the Oscar talk with Chelsea transfer issues. The media said that Oscar is now worth about 30 million euros or so, the price is well within the tolerance range of Juve.

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