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Views: AC Milan battle Juventus kick ye? Boge Ba midfielder resist it?

AC Milan this weekend will usher in a bloody battle with Juventus, we can improve the ranking of the Champions League qualification while suppressing competitors to see how to arrange Mijares. Now most troublesome is Milkha midfield problems, not only lack of control, but also to the defense repeatedly digging, in the last round against the Atlanta game, the midfield was completely controlled opponents, but for several rescue Downer Ruma insurance, the Rossoneri have even a draw may not be preserved.

Change formation can not completely solve the problem, although the evolutions gains against Lazio in the effect, but it was completely defeated Atlanta. "Gazzetta dello Sport," the view that a key figure in midfield Montolivo from the current performance, Montolivo and did not play a role in controlling the midfield tempo, nor in transition do when well. Unfortunately, the Italian striker Bertone Rudge state just picking on injury leave, otherwise his presence could strengthen the midfield control and direction of the control of the offensive.

Polly and recently have been the first opportunity, but the performance of the two does not make the fans happy in the 4-3-3 system, three midfield two are engineering-type player, which is One of the reasons midfielder out of control. Keisuke Honda positive wrangling with the club, also volunteered to leave, probably in January to switch to the Premier League. Finally, they put their hopes in Bonaventura body, "Gazzetta dello Sport" that he is fully competent to a b2b midfield role, but often let him play Milkha sidewalks. If you can not come up with Miha targeted solutions face midfielder Bo Geba, Khedira and Marchisio composed, Milan will be difficult to account for cheap.

Baca in Milan thigh, only play in the national team off the bench? Baca in Milan thigh, only play in the national team off the bench?

"Gazzetta dello Sport" also the author talked about Baca, this Colombian striker from Sevilla after joining the Rossoneri striker became the most relied on figures immediately scored six goals in 12 games, contributing several times to turn the tide Performance. But in Colombia the national team, he played 24 times and scored 8 goals, can only become compatriot Jackson - Martinez's replacement, but Jackson - Galliani signings this summer, Martinez is the number one candidate, Baca is considered Martinez just alternatives, has become AC Milan's thigh. In the national team and the club face different treatment also Honda, he has been completely marginalized in Milan, the performance is not satisfactory, 56 appearances and scored nine goals, while in Japan the national team, scoring 33 of his 78 appearances ball. After losing the main location in Milan, he also said this has never happened before, especially in the Japanese national team, had never been treated like this before.

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