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Inspirational! European Cup five new faces they had even worse than the Orangemen

French European Cup next year, the first time in the history of the European Cup for the 24 military expansion team, which also made a lot of teams get the opportunity to participate in the European Cup. By qualifying in qualifying 23 teams, there are five new army team is the European Cup. These new army in two or three years ago, a lot of teams in the world ranking is not high, and now they get to France flights.

Hamsik Hamsik is Slovakia's core is the core of Slovakia
This is unique among the few pieces of the new army in recent years has participated in international competitions in Slovakia, the 2010 World Cup in Italy eliminated them impressive. Team two generals Skrtel and Hamsik still in a golden age, qualifying them immediately defending champion Spain ranked second group, at home also beat the Spanish team.

Iceland "big spy" Xigudesen Iceland "big spy" Xigudesen
With the rise of Bell, the Welsh team made rapid progress in recent years. In this European Cup qualifier, the team with a solid defensive back and Bell might well qualify frontcourt. In the team's 11 goals, Bell also scored seven assists and two times, called the Welsh team absolutely thighs. Another team is the rise in recent years, Iceland, this three years ago, also ranked No. 131 in the world in recent years, stadium team training facilities and coaching is very prominent, but also cultivate a number of powerful stable of stars .

Northern Ireland in order to qualify as the group identity of Northern Ireland in the first group stage
In addition two new army are Albania and Northern Ireland, the overall strength of the two teams was flat, but is relying on a solid defense and the ability to capture the opportunity to fight under a qualify. Although Northern Ireland qualifying and suddenly sluggish about Greece, Serbia fans riot to Albania opportunity, but the opportunity only belongs to those who are prepared teams. Northern Ireland has a strong home record, Albania is thrown away once C Ronaldo led Portugal. Reached the European Cup may not mean that they are one of Europe's best 24 teams, but it is their tenacious best return.

Orangemen 2011 world ranking also beat Iceland and Wales national football 2011 world ranking and Wales also beat Iceland

Prior to 2011 the national football FIFA world rankings still Wales and Iceland, in 2012 the national football rankings once beat Northern Ireland and Albania. Today, the four teams are rounded out next year's European Cup, the national football is limping and Asian rivals in the battle. In European football the so-called "Europe no easy games," saying, but behind this statement is that many European teams off the field to pay the sweat. Some teams pay close attention to infrastructure construction and youth, and finally ushered talent blowout; some teams although not top players, but it can be a collective will to fight and to compensate for the lack of football on individual ability. These new army breakout success of course, are worth learning and thinking.

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