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Real Madrid dressing room strongly advised Benitez: keep a P ah! Kick exchange with Barcelona!

Spanish "Marca" reported that, before the arrival of the national derby, Real Madrid players asked the team coach Rafa Benitez to change tactics, the team played at the Bernabeu attacking football, which Benitez cautious personality clashes.

"Marca" said the Real Madrid player is very clear that it is the game against Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid at the Bernabeu stadium can not play defensive football, neither speculation, nor conservative. Real Madrid have to attack, to take the initiative. The players have their own idea to Benitez.

It is reported that Real Madrid dressing room three chiefs (Ramos, C Ronaldo and Marcelo) these days and coach Rafa Benitez spoke, they propose to change the tactical coach in the national derby. This is not to impose the order, can only be said to be from a group repeatedly played against Barcelona, ​​Enrique knows how teams of players against the proposal.

Normal conversation in the locker room, the Real Madrid players are encouraged to give up Benitez conservative strategy, planning a pursuit of offensive game. Sevilla lost to bring the bitter consequences, as well as the Real Madrid dressing room chiefs decided to act, and coach Rafa Benitez be a major cause of dialogue.

It is reported that, after Sevilla match, Real Madrid president also expressed dissatisfaction Benitez Real Madrid to informed sources, the locker room and now can not accept Benitez's training methods and tactics, they think Benitez Tactical neither people like nor convincing. Clubs in masking Benitez is saying this now Real Madrid's biggest problem. Benitez scores the only basis of legitimacy in the Real Madrid coach, but now even that foundation has been shaken. After the game against Sevilla, Florentino Benitez angrily: "This is what I want Real Madrid?"

Although Benitez from Real Madrid, but he is not really Spanish football genre. Benitez has always been to "Sacchi disciple" itself, coach early in his career, he specifically went to Italy to study Lippi, Capello, Ranieri et al. Belleville of football very Italian, lapping tactics, tight formation, with Mourinho at Liverpool 0-0 series WWI, no Spanish football charm. A few years ago, Valdano told Benitez coaching philosophy wantonly shelled, Benitez believes Liverpool kick is absolute "ugly football", is hanging on the stick of feces.

"Marca" the poll also showed that the fans requested Benitez conducted with Barcelona at the Bernabeu stadium exchange. Obviously, the idea as the fans and players.

Polls show that most of the requirements of the Real Madrid fans Benitez and arrange Cross, Modric, J Lo and C Lo in the starting lineup, Benzema and BBC combination Bell. Victims will be continuous after starting Casemiro. Fans choose more aggressive options, the votes of the starting lineup to 31%.

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