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Milan, 16 years old Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon and look forward to change shirts why did reject Inter

Italy local time on Saturday night, AC Milan will go away to defending champions Juventus. 16-year-old goalkeeper Tanner Ruma in an interview that he did not pressure against Juventus, the goal is not conceding a goal and helped Milan win.

20 years ago today, Buffon usher in his first show in Parma, which opened some part of his legend. Last month, the youngest starting goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon Serie A record Ruma Downer has just been broken. 16-year-old Tanner Ruma accept the "Gazzetta dello Sport" interview, said: "I did not feel any pressure, is very majestic San Siro stadium, I think I will not be nervous at the Juventus stadium was very happy people. likened the new Buffon, but now I do not think about the next thing, the only thing to do is to raise the level through training. "

"Buffon is the legend of Italian football, I congratulate him on his achievements, Saturday's game I want to swap shirts with him, and he will give me extra motivation against, I want to win the game, and hope without conceding a goal. "Downer Ruma said," I did not expect to become Milan's starting so early, we have two champion team goalkeeper - Abbiati and Diego - Lopez "

Downer Ruma was reported that almost three years ago to join Inter Milan, which he said: "At that time I was only 13 years old, Inter Milan or even no impression, but I do not want my brother to offend anyone previously at AC Milan. effectiveness, I think this is the reason I chose here. "

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