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Zidane: melon handsome 120% seen Bayern play worse than they played

Guardiola Bayern this season, a strong advance on all fronts, the team's performance attracted a lot of people's praise. Legendary French star Zinedine Zidane said in an interview on Bayern coach Guardiola praised, that the Bayern game to watch.

In an interview with "Sports Pictures" interview, Zidane said:. "I noticed that Guardiola to Bayern elevated to an exciting, fantastic level he coached during Bayern, I do not see them a Real played a bad game, "legendary French melon handsome think is a very distinguished coach:." He is not only the players who will play out the maximum potential, it is played out 120% of the level of "rule in the Bundesliga for Bayern position, Zidane said: "If a country has such a distinguished club like Bayern, the country should be proud."

Speaking of this year's Champions League, Bayern will be the largest Zidane represents one of the favorites to win. Bayern coach Guardiola this season third season, after two seasons lost to Bundesliga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final, failed to medal final.

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