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View: Premiership fans like crazy mental hospital How can we not love ah?

Premier League football is perhaps now the most unpredictable league! The so-called belly underdog wealthy man can teach every minute, the defending champion also be done no temper. Obscure "hanging wire" Players sudden outbreak of the counter-attack, inspirational legendary one by one. All the time has a wonderful story to unfold. "Daily Mirror" reporter Neil - Hammock Presley is the dig, said this season's Premier League as a "mental hospital", is full of crazy stories, told fans how can we not love ah?

Neil - Mock Oxley Rubric Excerpt:

So far, this season's Premier League is simply no one can be expected, enough to make everyone look enjoyable. This season gives you the feeling that chaos. Last season's champions only a fraction higher than the relegation zone, Leicester topped the standings but, unknown Val 10 consecutive field goals, became the Premiership's top scorer. Who can guess this story?

Let's take another look at the season so far what's happening now. Mourinho is very bad from the start of the season, Abu sold to rivals Arsenal Cech. Then Chelsea Naoqi infighting, Mourinho and female doctors came and began to stand, things have referred to the court. Meanwhile, Mourinho also because the shelling referee was suspended for the FA, he had to stay in a hotel remotely Chelsea face Stoke. Chelsea's record blew out, almost falling into the relegation zone.

Liverpool's story is also very interesting, Rogers has spent 100 million pounds signings, then tightly after he was fired three months, and a huge investment in US boss naught. Klopp rushed over Liverpool, within four years to win pronouncements. Take a look at yesterday swept 4-1 Liverpool Manchester City game now, Klopp's rhetoric, in my opinion maybe can really become a reality.

Manchester United in the summer to spend 80 million price bought Marchal, everyone says Van Gaal was crazy, now everyone shut his mouth. Wenger is funny, so maybe he does not believe his luck could easily get Cech, so he decided to play in the Champions League with Ospina, the results home loss to Olympiakos in the Champions League is now caught in a hopeless situation. Manchester City hit heavily introduced a Debu Lao inside, Stirling, start all the way rosy. Just as people guess when Manchester City won no suspense, they quickly lost the top spot, which was also Liverpool beat up a round.

Sunderland fired relegation last season's hero Dick Advocaat, Vera fried Sherwood, Sam Allardyce and West Ham to say goodbye, but we frankly White Sunderland ...... Well, it's really It is a crazy season, but too TMD wonderful!

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