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You see, you see Mourinho secretly change

Poor people want change.

The plight of Mourinho, is quietly changing.

Not because winning a ball (or a relegation rival underdog), Chelsea's day was completely cleared, since this season due to landslides and gather together the dispersed the haze did not, which depends on the wind to blow away streak, But the last two, Mourinho and Chelsea has shown significant changes, but this change is sufficient to save the season, is still unknown.

Low profile

A war of Norwich, the British media noted that Mourinho is not "crazy" the. After being suspended for the game, Mike Mussina also seems to reflect and adjust.

The entire first half, Mourinho did not go to the trouble referee. Madman around so quiet, which is probably for the judges is nothing new. Until the second half started, the first time Mike Mussina and Roger fourth official - Eastbourne AC, seems to talk about the other coach Neil command too excited. Diego - Costa inside the area down to the ground, and when the referee is not a penalty, nor madman's laugh as exaggerated as in the past, waving protest.

Madman Madman chastened chastened
Mike Mussina's action more points to Chelsea's players, especially Diego - Costa. No one is dissatisfied with the Chelsea center back to the chase, and another one in front of Azar pass across time, Costa did not outflank place, Mike Mussina on the sidelines began to shout and make a stride forward movement, motioned Costa should run more than two steps. When Chelsea center goal, but Mike Mussina quiet.

"Daily Mail" said, "This is a low-key Mourinho (This was low-key, low-profile Jose), Portuguese noisy but nothing too much of this performance, his behavior Perhaps the cleverest since this season. "

Buy to retreat

Winter transfer window will open, people are looking forward to Chelsea will be a big shake-up, but the information has been issued from the mouth of Mourinho show, the Blues may not have a big move.

"I have no right to claim the club to spend money on people ......" Mourinho's position, a change he left to the people, "the traditional image." "I'm not saying I will not sign anyone, I mean, I will not ask the club to sign one, so I have no right to request, I satisfied with the existing lineup."

Mourinho: I have no right to ask people to buy Mourinho: I'm not entitled to buy
"I will not require any blood transfusion, I trust these players now, I would not clean the locker room, we must once again Ningchengyigu strength, back on track. If I am asked to buy, and this is tantamount to shirk responsibility, I want to It is to assume responsibility for their own, existing players to take responsibility. "

Mike Mussina this language can be described as brilliant, "I not entitled to buy," about reducing the gesture, which asked the club but will spend more than jumping up and down, leaving Abu pleasing to the ear. Meanwhile, back to the existing line-up an incentive that he played a bad start, they rely on themselves to make up.

According to the disclosure Redding club, Chelsea hope to recall rent outside to fill a team defense. But if you think Mourinho really want these minor repairs, maybe it was him confused. When asked if the high-level buy to him, he would not accept, Mourinho said: "If there is a superstar, of course, good .Of course, yes (to a superstar signing)"

Tactics changed

The last two games, Chelsea has been significantly improved, mainly offensive play live, no longer as a backwater like the pre-season. Although losing to Stoke City, but have a lot of opportunities to score, smooth delivery with impressive. While Norwich, the Blues are also many opportunities, such as Mike Mussina said this might win, "3 to 0,4 to 0." This and past Chelsea attack "Wai and hard into the" Daojiao only in the periphery but create no threat compared has been greatly improved.

The biggest reason, is Mourinho player moves on to the "freedom". A common view is that the last two: Azar, William, Pedro (or Oscar), which in 4231, "3", get together and get together to play with, another way to stay out of the air when the opposite side of the post back or fullback filled.

These two, Chelsea frontcourt moves more flexible, more freedom of these two, Chelsea frontcourt moves more flexible, more freedom
This early in the season is difficult to see, at that time, Chelsea's two wings cling to their sidewalks, few cross-transposition, a few people before the market moves are extremely rigid, afraid to leave the place, "stop dead the "situation often. This is largely derived from Mourinho's defensive requirements of the players, when turning from the defensive by the attack must be in place, "offensive freedom" and "defend in place" between the two preferred the latter, after the result of "poor defense" and win Azar, it is an extreme example, when Mike Mussina almost a little obsessed.

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