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Manchester United were shelling: only wait 80,000,000 demon Wang Fawei will attack it?

A boring 0-0 at Old Trafford once again sounded harsh boos. "We want to attack, we have to score," the voice sounded again. The face is considered as their own strength Eindhoven, the Red Devils did not have any way offensive. After the game has played for Manchester United's Paul Scholes and Owen criticized the team, they think that Manchester United only by Marshall, and several other offensive players to score a eureka moment.

Owen said: "Manchester United played too slow, backs and midfield players on the front line without any support, I think Manchester United the chance to win the group now has retained enough of this surprising performance if placed Real Madrid and Paris. Group already out of the game. "

Owen believes Manchester United's offensive line now rely 80,000,000 demon king Marshall et al eureka moment, otherwise totally could not handle. Owen said: "It is no exaggeration to say that Manchester United now is a good defensive team defense Gaal believes everything will be fine, but the players did not attack the consciousness, we are accustomed to seeing Manchester United full-back has been the pressure on. assists, to contribute to the offensive, and now Manchester United fullback offensive support is almost zero, midfielder, too, we are waiting forward its own magic. "

Manchester United's most threatening ball from the corner of Manchester United the most threat to the ball from the corner
Scholes for Manchester United's Champions League prospects are also pessimistic, he said:. "I think it went to Germany to play on the road will be very difficult, Wolfsburg have a very good player, scoring will be very difficult this is Manchester United's first test, of course, now Manchester United's defense is very good, but the key is you have to win the three points to win the game. If you play Manchester United or so, waiting for a eureka moment forward their own, then they tangled performance will continue. "

This is Van Gaal's first two seasons, the club also according to his tactical requirements to buy a lot of players. 2 season, Van Gaal has spent nearly more than 300 million pounds the club, it is reasonable that it should be able to build up a competitive team. But after the start of the season, but not as imagined so beautiful. Manchester United defender indeed has been strengthened, but on the offensive end but instead deteriorated. Manchester United in 13 Premier League games which have three games 0-0, in the Champions League which also has a field 0-0, plus 0-0 in the League Cup with Middlesbrough, just a few months, Manchester United have played out of five games 0-0, which is obviously not the style of Manchester United, the fans booed not hard to understand.

Van Gundy and Scholes and Van Gundy and tear up and tear up Scholes

In fact, Van Gaal for only Manchester United's transformation has been full of controversy, most well-known is Van Gundy and Manchester United legend Paul Scholes debate the. Scholes said: "I will not now this Manchester United team to play, too boring, which is a prerequisite for the ball with an invalid team, you will see Manchester United in the backcourt, you pass to me, I pass you, and after a few minutes, you see the ball found still standing. This is not Manchester United's philosophy, if it is Van Gaal's philosophy, then, please, Manchester United does not require such a philosophy. I've effectiveness of Manchester United always is the main attack, no matter what the opponent is, the attack is always the first one, and then flanker, and pass, the team's style of play is very beautiful, and now Manchester United it? Too boring, Van Gaal to the team with the lifeless. "

For Scholes criticized Van Gaal responded: "I have won everything with offensive football, I know much more than he." But on the other hand, Van Gaal's response in the face of the fact that it looks very pale after 13 Premier League, Manchester United scored only 19, the first eight of which are the lowest scoring in the Champions League after five games, also scored only five goals, averaging only one goal, to attack the strength of four teams in the group ranked among the first three. So from this point on, Manchester United's offensive efficiency is too low, there is no particularly good way Van Gaal. Originally, Manchester United in the Champions League which is considered to be able to get the Shangshang, but now five after the Manchester United still rely on the last road game for help, this is undoubtedly disappointing. If the face of Wolfsburg's game can not win, then wait for Van Gaal and Manchester United will no doubt be more questioning and ridicule.

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