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Comic giants purchase! Manchester United, Real Madrid dug 100 million pry Arsenal Chelsea King

Azar has recently become the protagonist of the transfer market, Chelsea Owen, European giants move is expected to trigger a chain Bureau. According to goal.com, "Sun", "Daily Star" and other media reports, including Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and other giants, will be involved in the transfer woes in Adjara.

"Daily Mail" said Azar is ready to leave Chelsea, he told his close friend, he will move to leave in the summer. The best player in the Premier League last season to leave Chelsea, which naturally would detonate the transfer market. According to the "Daily Star" reported that Manchester United will now be added to the Adjara snatch war among the Red Devils ready to hit 65 million pounds Hao, poaching Azar. Earlier, Manchester United want to buy Bell, but Real Madrid did not want to put people, and therefore can only be admitted Manchester United failed to lure them away. In this case, Manchester United will look to the Azar.

Manchester United to dig Adjara news, including "Mirror", goal.com, including a number of media have reported promptly tracking. Goal.com further revealed that in preparation for Adjara out of the weekly Manchester United up to 250,000 pounds, the Red Devils side believes it has been able to impress Azar. You know, now at Chelsea Adjara weekly to £ 200,000, Manchester United out of the salary is clearly more attractive. It should be noted that Manchester United wanted to sign Azar, and Real Madrid will have to be intensely contested, Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach has repeatedly stated publicly that he very much appreciated Azar, wanted him to play for Real Madrid. "Aspen Daily", "Marca" and other media that Adjara is likely to be the first blockbuster Zidane took office after signing.

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