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Manchester United midfielder Atletico dig negotiations executives flew to Japan to buy Messi

Manchester United this season were poor, and now the Red Devils are ready to buy more than reinforcements in January, thereby to supplement the strength of the team. According to the "Mirror" and other media reports, Manchester United is now close to 12 million pounds price, signing Japan striker Yoshinori Muto. Meanwhile, Manchester United is also preparing to sign Atletico players Saul, and now the Red Devils has sent a delegation to Atletico Madrid open talks.

Manchester United signed Yoshinori Muto close proximity to sign Manchester United Yoshinori Muto
Manchester United revealed a number of problems in the game, so the Red Devils urgent need to reverse the decline in signings in January. Prior to the "Daily Mirror" has been revealed that Manchester United executives have been purchased for the winter special approval Van Gaal large sums of money, which means that the Red Devils will stir the transfer market in January. Today, the "Mirror" revealed that Manchester United are close to signing Japanese international Yoshinori Muto, his transaction price will be around 12 million pounds. 23-year-old Yoshinori Muto, won the reputation of Japan Macy ("Mirror" language), but now he Mainz effect in the United States. Secretary striker, he played 18 times this season, scoring seven goals. You know, this is Yoshinori Muto in Europe for the season. If Manchester United can buy him, then the Red Devils attack the lack of ills, will be alleviated.

Weak front outside, Manchester United midfielder is also a serious problem, and therefore has added reinforcements for the midfield is very urgent matter. Goal.com revealed that Manchester United eyeing Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul - Negus, only 21 years old, he would have been in the league break a reputation. He liquidated damages of approximately 15 million pounds, Manchester United in January tend to dig his hands. Manchester United now has a delegation rushed to Madrid, Spain, the aim is to negotiate Limassol - Negus of transfer issues. Spain Kobe station, now also confirmed the news of Saul wants to buy Manchester United.

Manchester United are also interested in signing Suo Erni - Manchester United are also interested in signing Saul Rodriguez - Negus
Saul is now only 21 years old, he is a versatile backcourt, the functional lower back, also played right wing, which had at Rayo Vallecano period, also often use as a defender. It is worth mentioning that, Saul has a strong blocking and tackling ability to stifle opponents attacking force to help the team. Last season, he played 35 times for the Atletico Madrid, scoring four goals, has grown to Atletico semi main players, but also attaches great importance to this Simonyi teenager. If you can grab the 21-year-old Manchester United midfielder, then the Red Devils midfield hardness will be further enhanced.

In addition to Atletico midfielder Saul addition, Manchester United also intends to buy Lazio midfielder Felipe - Anderson, though he liquidated damages of up to 35 million pounds, but the midfielder still has the possibility of leaving the team in January. Anderson himself recently said:? "My future I do not know if I will continue to stay with the team in January I will focus on my work, I now are in a good moment, but I do not know what will happen next. What. "according to Anderson's statement, he is likely to leave the club in January, when Manchester United will hopefully get the 22-year-old midfielder.

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