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Stared! Arsenal 1 God is too strange! Goals by curse counter-attack Real Madrid star

3-3 draw with Liverpool, Arsenal had a helpless ups and downs and some snow the night. Last minute was equalized frustrating endless, although single on the scene, perhaps Arsenal should be satisfied, especially Giroux's dazzling performance, it should be a great harvest them tonight at Anfield.

From the opening of the first two scrimmage began, Giroux will show the dominance of the game. Arsenal fans will be familiar with the ball know that this may have heralded the arrival of goals. Unfortunately, the opening rhythm after Arsenal poorly controlled, Phil Mino soon use Arsenal defender panic lead. Subsequently, the gunman immediately pass through Ramsey Campbell and run to tie the game, the ball, Zhengding Giroux will have great credit, in fact, after a goal, resulting scrum injuries Giroux also leave treatment for some time.

Giroux Giroux second ball too wonderful second goal was fantastic
Scraping positive, go-between, Giroux Our contribution to the game, of course, much more than that. More important goal, Giroux has done. The rest of the time, almost all the offensive arsenal contains his performances, he first try Qiangdian a corner to level the score, and then even with an almost perfect personal goals for Arsenal won ...... Giroux The second goal is a goal worthy of repeated viewing: Multiplayer grabbed a folder in the penalty area, Giroux first with a feint and adjust the angle of stopping complete two movements, the last of his left foot volley away angle is perfect.

In fact, between the two goals, more accurate to say that after the first personal Giroux scored 1 goal, Arsenal second to tie the game, Giroux had an excellent opportunity to hit the empty net. Although this Buddhism did not seem so simple (semi-lob the ball quickly, before the point Huangdian Ramsey), but Buddhism is Buddhism does not enter into, does not seem to justify. Just Giroux for the team to tie the game when the fans are still praising, it quickly with a "not into the empty goal" to "play face", while the second half before his goal, Giroux has been the most talked about fans, or that Buddhism does not enter.

This is not ...... second goal, in a sense, again, "face" to "fight back" the. This once again confirms the assessment of his fans laugh, when you praise him, he will quickly make up their faces (not into the empty net); When you call him, he will fight face (wonderful goals). The most wonderful is that Giroux over and over again by the fans so ridicule, but repeated over and over again the correctness of such ridicule.

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