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Neymar new love exposure! Rounded double ball rolling spurting

In a single period of time, the Brazilian star Neymar has a new love, he and Brazilian glamorous host Jenny - Andrade affair came to light, causing the media pay close attention to Brazil.

Neymar's girlfriend is the term television actress Bu Luna - , two in last year gluey, often in the public media platforms show affection, Bu Luna had also appear on social networking sites to give their Neymar rose, saying, "I love you more every day," Neymar also responded: "you are my true love," the general public see a burst of applause. But entering 2014, the relationship between the two quickly fell to freezing point, after which the two officially broke. After that, there are too many Neymar bit rumored girlfriend, but only stay in the level of scandal, no formalized.

According to media reports, Neymar and Brazil now famous TV host Jenny - Andrade appointment. Jenny blonde, looks outstanding, tall and proud in their personal presentation, Jenny said he was "obsessed by the adrenal glands," she writes: "In the beginning everything is new and different, and now I became part of a subtle adrenal, I fell in love with the fight. "perhaps this is the description of yourself and love Neymar feeling?

At the end of last year, Jenny was photographed appear at the Nou Camp Neymar support, they also began to love since then.

There is no doubt that Neymar is lucky to know Jenny is a dating expert. Jenny because in Sao Paulo "VIP Magazine" "perfect girlfriend" column known for love is quite adept. Over the past few seasons,  rise this year, he even ranks among the top three Golden Globes, two pair is absolutely perfect match. Though not a Golden Globe, but to be the first, Neymar has no regrets mind Jenny eye.

Sexy sexy

But Neymar is still wary cuckold, on the one hand is the famous Brazilian love Jenny experts, on the other hand, Jenny has been claimed, the famous Brazilian composer and actor Jia Erwo is the most handsome man in her eyes.

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