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Manchester City officials announced this summer, Guardiola took over! Contract period of 3 years

Manchester City to the outside world through the official website announced that Guardiola will take over the team's head coach in the summer, he and the club signed a three-year contract. Meanwhile, the team is currently coach Manuel Pellegrini will be leaving at the end of the season.

Guardiola took over this summer, took over Manchester City Manchester City this summer, Guardiola

Manchester City official statement is as follows:

Manchester City has now confirmed that, in recent weeks, we have been working with Pep - Guardiola consultations and negotiations on the details of the contract, and now we have reached an agreement, from 2016-17 season, Guardiola will become coach, duration of the contract is three years Manchester City first team. In 2012 we once discussed this decision, but ultimately did not get implemented.

We respect Pellegrini and the efforts of the players, the club hope, be able to open our decision to distance themselves from unnecessary speculation. Pellegrini on our decisions and the process of communication are very supported. He now focus wholeheartedly on the completion of his goals this season, and now he still retains the full respect and support of the entire club, the entire club to support his management.

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