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Mijares: AC Milan have not won ah or else you blow Derby cattle X


Mihaela once said half of the season, the schedule is, AC Milan in the second half of the season the results will be better, because more home games in the second half of the season, with the current performance, is arguable that perhaps Milkha of. Before the game with Palermo, Mijares said the team has improved a lot, the primary task now is to win the game with Palermo, otherwise Derby victory has no meaning.

3-0 to win the last round of the Milan derby, has not only been a crucial three points, but also inspire the morale of the team, and now they're just six points away from the Champions League zone. Milkha in Palermo oh before the conference, said: "We are more confident, especially when you beat a team ranked higher than you in front of the first half of the season we lost a lot?. game, but every point of view, the team has been greatly improved. Inter win at equivalent open the cap and tomorrow let us look at what is in the bottle. If you can not win tomorrow Palermo, then we can no longer blow Derby performance. "

Derby victory completely stabilize Miha's job, but he said he was never afraid of being fired: "There was a time in the middle of the season is very difficult, but I am never afraid of being fired, you have crossed that hurdle, I always the cool side out, do not show anxiety side. for a new coach, this is not easy, in addition to some of the win the game did not win, the other I have nothing to regret. "

After Barbara to set a target for the European Union status, Milkha team or in the Champions League qualification as the goal: "Our first goal is the Champions League, but we want to play a game, if we do not win, you even say that we are not good enough for even the European Union status. "

"Milan Channel" reported Alex Miha may make a break, and sent Zapata appearance.

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