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Neymar has refused to admit nearly 200 million Euro transfer fee Hengda really want him?

Move to Barcelona from Santos costs, Neymar and his father appeared in a court in Madrid to participate in the trial, according to sources of the Catalan radio station, in court, Neymar's father revealed that Neymar had received a parts of the huge offer, let him leave Barcelona, ​​but this does not make a huge offer Neymar heart, it has been rejected for Neymar area.

It is reported that the amount of the offer of at least 190 million euros, in full compliance with the Neymar penalty, but Neymar's father revealed that his son tends to contract with Barcelona, ​​so tell Neymar, do not take orders from any offer. Neymar I have no intention to move, he felt very happy at Barcelona.

On which club he had been poaching High Neymar? British media repeatedly revealed that Manchester United had told Neymar to go close, but not high enough to offer their 190 million euros, "Marca" has pointed out that Real Madrid have the ability to acquire Neymar to 190 million euros, in addition to the "Nanfang Dushi Bao" She has revealed that Neymar had Hengda offer 200 million euros ......

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