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Mourinho took office this month, the fastest to dump Manchester United or Arsenal led war


Away 1 to 2 negative again Sunderland, Manchester United is one step of the first four people lost hope, and now the league 26 Harding Park, behind fourth-place Manchester City Manchester City 6 points ahead of paragraphs 6, 7 Southampton and West Ham was only just 1 minute, let alone compete for a Champions League places has gradually slim hope, even the European Cup seats, and probably not be able to guarantee. Today, bad record executives had to be forced move from job to "Sun," said Mourinho is likely before the end of this month got on Manchester United.

Under the "Sun" headlines exposed material, Manchester United executives originally planned at the end of the season and then fired Van Gaal, but now even the first four seats to keep a have become more and more difficult, Manchester United executives worried that Van Gaal has abandoned for the first four of the competition, then the next half of the season record as a bet, the pressure in Van Gaal who is not getting insurance.

Moving Van Gaal Van Gaal monthly rent to move to monthly rent

"The Sun" said the Manchester United or early dismissal of Van Gaal, Mourinho and to help Manchester United to dump by the former Chelsea manager led to directing February 28 at home against Manchester United Arsenal strong dialogue , this way, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger turn this old enemy reunited.

At the same time, another signal also indicates that Van Gaal could leave at any time, "Sun," said Van Gaal has recently moved out a year ago and a half years, the mansion has been living in Manchester, Van Gundy turned to move into new homes are not like before half time to pay the rent, but the choice of monthly, so that although rents have risen, but Van Gaal can always retreat to leave. "The Sun" will also be a move interpreted as a signal of Van Gaal about to leave.

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