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From lore to slaughter! Klopp really kind with Liverpool revival by this bloody

Liverpool and Aston Villa's game near the end, the fans at Villa Park early exit are almost back, and this time, Klopp has not conceal his smile. Proud of his disciples, was finally able to stand tall on the court, there is no trace of regret in the locker room, this game will be a turning point in Liverpool it?

Liverpool's lives for the better this season can be described Unfortunate, first football talent Rogers sadly class, then took Klopp is in the eye. Even tough residue such as t, can not help but hit the wall in the Premier League, after a brief stunning slag t-team in the league is not much improvement, on short wave red and then quickly slipped, still wandering up and down in eight it also allows the German Marshal quite impatient.

Klopp Klopp posture still a little stiff posture is still a little stiff
Last game, because Klopp did not burst appendicitis took command of the team failed to win relegation team Sunderland. Game, t-residue removal of the appendix is ​​just on the stomach with a knife and also took command of the bandages came to the sidelines, it is precisely for this reason, he was not as in the past, passion rushed to and during the race players vigorously embrace, or after seeing the team missed the strike crazy fists, roaring and even applauded. Perhaps because the slag by t-inspired, armed Yongming players on the field today, pressed poor live status Vera meal fat beat, repeatedly hit consecutive record, including breaking the largest in the history of Liverpool against Aston Villa score record victory , Liverpool draw the largest customer wins in team history records.

You know, after taking office t slag, though often 5-4 win Norwich 3-3 Arsenal passionate bloody battle, but the games are really games played very stalemate, a relatively unique Hearty 4-1 victory over Manchester City, there was Aguero broke the flaw. T slag can of course led in desperate comeback, but even kick Newcastle, Swansea relegation underdog this, gotta kill a hundred rounds in pitch darkness to the winner - this is obviously not a wealthy should have a look - the real giants should play teams bloody encounter, the case of weak teams also have to understand how the job cut melon vegetable.

The game, Liverpool profoundly understand this, one up on Kill pressed Villa eventually made an unprecedented iconic victory over giants.

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