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Real Madrid midfielder sale pillar detail exposure Bayern Guardiola picked up cheap!

Alonso in the summer of 2014 to join Bayern Munich from the Bernabeu, Real Madrid harvest of nine million euros transfer fee. The money paid in three tranches, within 72 hours after FIFA confirmed the transfer, Bayern paid € 4 million; € 3.5 million paid at July 15, 2015; Alonso first season in Bayern's when the tournament reached 30 games played, and then pay 1.5 million euros.

Contract details Contract details Exposure Exposure

In addition, the transaction also added a "friendly terms", ie before and after the 2017-18 season, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have to go to the Bernabeu to play a warm-up match, the terms of the friendlies before the time limit in 2017-18 season, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid will pay costs arising journey (travel and accommodation), but this friendly box office and other related revenue, Real Madrid are the property of all.

When the summer of 2014, just turned 33-year-old Alonso, Real Madrid is expected to the end of his career he has, therefore 9 million Euro price is not high. But now, Alonso is still the main Bayern (Bundesliga this season [microblogging] is starting 16th), his athletic older than Real Madrid estimated to be a lot longer, after the deal to disclose details of the contract, Spanish media said, in fact, Bayern picked up a cheap.

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