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Suarez: the ultimate idol Patty if only to go back to the Premier League Liverpool


Recently, the Barcelona striker Suarez accepted the former Liverpool teammate Jamie Carragher interview, he talked about MSN, talked about his idol Batty, and said he would only return to the Premier League back in the future if Liverpool.

Suarez said in an interview: "I not only want to participate in the competition, I want to win the game, and this is the reason I came to Barcelona I had a bad boy, is a set of all-in-one criticism of bad players, but now I am. let the game become different, able to penetrate the key ball players. at first I thought I could not adapt to the Barcelona style of play, but his teammates helped me, let me go and play Enrique 9th place, I felt in that position very comfortable."

"My relationship with Messi, Neymar is very good, you know, a good relationship will be mapped onto the field at the stadium. We all know Messi is the best, our goal is to help Barcelona won the trophy , there is no jealousy between the three of us. "

"My ultimate idol in football is Batistuta, he is a very great number 9, is very good at looking for space outside the area long-range, high ball is also great. Batty has always been my yardstick I often observe his way to the game. he also takes the free-kick, but I do not have the opportunity to kick (laughs), but I will always imitate him, had been watching his video game. "

"I hope to be many, many years in Barcelona, ​​but I know that things sometimes do not then people would like, if I return to the Premier League in the future, I will go to Liverpool, I will not go to another any team, not for money transfer. "

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