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Totti Roma coach Real Madrid comeback battle: we and Real Madrid fifty - fifty


Champions League knockout round main event will be fired, Rome will celebrate the mighty Real Madrid at home. Before Roma coach Luciano Spalletti at a news conference said that although Real Madrid are generally optimistic about the party, but he believes Rome still has a 50% chance the next round.

Spalletti said: "We have a 50% chance of defeating Real Madrid, even more in this year's Champions League." Spalletti's confidence is not without roots back in 2008, he was in a similar situation He led the team out of Real Madrid in the Champions League, which makes for a more relaxed Italian in front of the game.

"In 2008, we beat Real Madrid in the Champions League. We were more well-established team training, team system is also more shape. In contrast, we now want to beat Real Madrid team will need to work harder but believe me, it is not impossible. this is round 50-50 game, our hearts are not in one disadvantage. If you see the Roman players fight to the first 95 minutes, the last time to win the game to qualify the next round, please do not be surprised, Rome has such strength. "

Spalletti said Ancelotti gave him more confidence to deal with Real Madrid:. "Ancelotti last season in charge of Real Madrid, I watched a lot of their games Ancelotti is a great coach in my opinion, he is the best coach in Italy and a top tactician. All my things are learned from him, and his dinner every time I have tried to learn from him something about football. "a few days ago Carlo Ancelotti in an interview, also said Spalletti's Roma, Real Madrid the opportunity to really breaking a breaking wrist.

On tomorrow's formations, Spalletti said: "Good coaches need their ideas and to combine the team's lineup I had a lot of tactics to choose from, depending on the circumstances and I need immediate opponent team. to assess the situation. I'm still considering the flexibility come forward or center Zhan Zhuang my ideal formation is 4-3-2-0, 0 will never nobody knows where, for many years, has been entrusted pedicle playing this critical role. "

Totti before the league game against Carpi injured, missed the last round of the league. However, the latest news that Roma captain has been basically injury, the team participated in joint training yesterday, we should catch up with the upcoming Champions League battle. At the same time, De Rossi has the same injury comeback, Rome and vice captain will appear in tomorrow's game list.

"De Rossi will be of great usefulness, he has back from injury. De Rossi can either play in midfield, but also can play guard, he is now 31 years old, is in a player's maturity, he will race in tomorrow's play a key role, at the same time in the midfield I have a lot of good players to choose from. Totti will also come in handy, depending on the circumstances of his situation and on the pitch. he is the team symbol, but specific to the game tomorrow, we value most is the team to achieve results, rather than just a player. "

Spalletti also revealed that he does not C Lo focus on care, right back is enough to deal with the Portuguese Florencio Sarkozy: "I know C Lo is a set of speed, strength, technology in a player, but I not like the media have suggested that, at his side build a wall. Florencio Sarkozy will likely be responsible for the main anti-C Lo, he can do that. Defence C Lo first point is to have speed, this Dover Loren no shortage of Qi. he was also a very versatile player, regardless of the role played by the coach asked, what tasks to complete, he can make people satisfied. "

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