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3 Super League team Manchester United 37 million maximum salary dig eukaryotic Mike Mussina one he will go


From the window of the winter, big hands Chinese capital began to stir up waves in European football, China's top giants poaching club big players seem to be no longer a dream. Coincides with Manchester United away in the British Isles blocked season, is in turmoil on the eve of the coaching change, the team is likely to have a number of players have been cleaned. According to "Daily Mirror" reported that three Chinese teams opt to poaching hoe toward Manchester United's frontcourt eukaryotic Mata.

At least three clubs want to dig Mata at least three Super League clubs want to dig Mata
"Daily Mirror" quoted "People Daily" correspondent Neil - Mo Xili exclusive report, the disclosure of the Far East capital chasing Manchester United versatile front court Mata context. Just last month, once with Atletico Simeone Mata rumored, but the asking price and the £ 170,000 weekly salary was Manchester United 30 million pounds of the scare. The "People" revealed to take this opportunity, the 27-year-old team and Spanish international from Super League were contacted, and more than one, is at least three. From inside the message source told the "People Daily": "Mata is now very happy to return to play in Spain, but the Chinese team's asking price is too high, such favorable treatment so that he could not refuse."

Mata in January 2014 to move to Chelsea MVP status to join Manchester United, then is worth 37.1 million pounds, came to the Red Devils array, the Spaniard's performance is quite good, just joined the team in the second half to hand over 19 games 5 goals 4 assists, 2014-15 season, Mata also scored 9 goals inside 33 assists four times. Although a slight decline in the state this season, there are 26 games 4 goals, 3 assists contribution. Manchester United's attack really is essential before the market launch point.

But the cross in front of the biggest obstacles in Mata Manchester United career is Manchester United's next coach Jose Mourinho is likely to be. The year before Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Mata absolute core tactics, but after coach Mike Mussina, the Spaniards quickly lost favor in the main position, the Blues ultimately end up being swept out in the end.

After leaving Chelsea, Mata had also shelled Mourinho: "I had a very happy at Chelsea, in fact there is no relationship at all between me and Jose Mourinho, there is no communication between us." Now this pair of lovers meet again, in their unhappy Mourinho was washed again, quickly find themselves at home seems to be a more sensible choice. Given the Spanish team has not yet willing to take the transfer fee and salary Mata, Spanish international to the Super gold is not without possible.

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