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Champions Juventus exposure will renew God handsome to 2018! Chelsea wash sleep

Juventus coach Allegri is Europe's hottest Marshal, led by Juventus after last season broke into the Champions League final, it is becoming a major focus of attention of giants. Mourinho from Chelsea after class has been rumored that they will be invited to next season as the new coach Allegri, but according to Italian media reports, the contract with Juventus will Allegri to 2018.

Previously According to Italian media reports, Chelsea are willing to Allegri out 10 million euros annual salary, Florence and Paul - Sosa or Sassuolo Di Francesco will take over from the hands of Allegri Juve pointer. But Allegri personally denied rumors: "the newspaper said was not the truth, I hope this can be the end of the story." The statement of the reports he began to learn English, Allegri also made a positive response : "I long ago began to learn English, which is totally for themselves."

Juve are naturally unwilling to let go of this talented coach, according to Italian media "leggo" reports the Bianconeri prepare and Allegri's contract until 2018, but in addition to salary adjustment in the contract, Juventus will Allegri give more support, including a commitment to the introduction of the summer transfer window will he needed players, and retain the current squad of top players and so on.

This is Allegri's second season at Juventus, last season led Juventus to get the league and cup double crown and broke into the Champions League final after Juve also announced his contract until 2017 and a salary increase to 3.5 million years. Now faced with other European clubs poaching pressure, Juve should take action.

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