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British media was super shocked: Ravitch wages actually can not endure this world 5

Super League has once again demonstrated his amazing resources. Just yesterday, Hebei China Fortune announced the signing of Paris Saint-Germain winger, Argentine striker Ravitch. At the expense of Hebei Huaxia signed Ravitch spend is not small, they are well-known to the football players, football Howe punched fifth high salary. This amazing salary, also caused the British "Sun" exclaimed.

Although the specific amount has not been a well-Hebei Huaxia Brad Popovich salary, but the "Sun" has revealed, Ravitch will receive up to 24 million pounds of weekly earnings, so salary, the highest-paid soccer 5, only C Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Ibrahimovic this four star wages, Bilaweiqi high.

Ravitch Ravitch high wages football 5 5 high wages football

See Ravitch in the Super League can get such a high salary, "Sun" This time was completely shocked. The media wrote: "This upstart like Super newly promoted team, salary paid to Ravitch, just high enough to intolerable (outrageous)!"

"The Sun" continued to sigh, Ravitch has been a transfer target for Chelsea, but he has chosen to join the Super League team, which deeply shocked this wealthy European clubs. If you follow in terms of strength, Ravitch good enough for him to get a near-luxury wages. Today the European clubs, they have to come from China's crazy poaching team, pulled a red alert.

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