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Boge Ba hand Guardiola? Great boast + ambiguous statement: possible


Juventus will play next week in the Champions League Bayern, Boge Ba is undoubtedly one of the most watched players, Boge Ba in an interview praising the Bayern coach Guardiola, it indicates the presence of even the possibility of cooperation.

"Guardiola experience, his football philosophy is really great," Boge Ba in an interview with Sky Sports, said, "He is a coach can profoundly change the team, all the players respect him, you think of his can do is admire and try to learn something more from him. "

Boge Ba praised Guardiola, "he is a symbol of football, he heard that he would try to make myself take over every player have been improved."

Boge Ba Bo Geba ambiguous position ambiguous stance

Guardiola will become the Manchester City manager next season, this Tyrant Premiership club is repeatedly rumored with Boge Ba, as well as looking after news that Guardiola named Boge Ba, but when it comes to this sensitive topic, Borg Pakistan's answer is very ambiguous, "I am now a Juventus player, but future cooperation and Guardiola may still happen."

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