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Chelsea exposed a secret meeting three title handsome carrying 100 million this summer to ride King Blues

Chelsea Xuanshuai puzzle, is now the focus of media attention. Recently, the Italian "Sky Sports" report, the Italian national team and Chelsea are the current coach Conti contacted the Italian marshal, there is likely to be the next coach of Chelsea.

Hiddink has said publicly that he was just fire the coach, the end of the season, he will leave Chelsea. This also means that Chelsea have to go looking for a new coach. According to the Italian "Sky Sports" news, before the Blues have started to move, Chelsea representatives in the past few days in the Italian capital Rome, and Conti were contacted. Both sides coached related matters, exchange of views.

Conti is the current coach of the Italian team, but he and the Italian team's contract expires this summer, as of now, the two sides did not renew the sign, which also means, Conti will resume free body this summer. Conti had Juventus has a good coaching resume, under his leadership, the old woman to win three consecutive seasons in Serie A. With such a history, Conti logical boarded the Chelsea Xuanshuai list. The "Daily Mail" claimed Conti once successfully took over Chelsea in the summer, then he will help the Blues to poaching Juventus general core Boge Ba. This name was priced close to 100 million euros Juventus midfielder, who is in love Conti Juventus when. If Conti will invite, Bo Geba believe will seriously consider.

In addition to Conti, Simone also focus on Chelsea target, but do not want to put people and Atletico aspect, which also makes him the possibility to give Chelsea a relatively smaller.

Abu Abu question to Grant Advisory handsome handsome issue advice to Grant

For Chelsea, handsome issue, is undoubtedly the most important team work. As a result, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich personally involved in the handsome work. According to "The Sun" reported that Abu Xuanshuai this time on the issue very carefully. To be able to make the most reasonable choice, decide ahead of Abu Chelsea manager Grant advice. The Israeli coach, who in 2007 after Jose Mourinho class, briefly served as fire Chelsea coach post. Today, the relationship between him and Abu very close, also drew the Russian tycoon trust.

According to "The Sun," saying Abu selected before the new coach of Chelsea, will consult to Grant, Chelsea technical director Emeka Manalo, Senior Advisor Glasgow Nuo Fusi Kaja and transfer consultants 德维瑟 et al. . These people are Abu cronies, their views will be largely about Chelsea coach candidates.

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