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Totti Roma coach fire break:? He can do whatever they want permanent problem


Roma 5-0 Palermo bloodbath, but Roma fans not happy. Contradictions team banner Totti and coach Luciano Spalletti further escalation, the whole club fell into disarray.

Before the game against Palermo, Francesco Totti told Italian state television that he is now in very good physical condition, but not the slightest chance of playing. Totti for the situation which now expressed dissatisfaction that he felt the lack of respect they deserve in Roma. The remarks immediately caused an uproar in Italy. Then the training session before the game against Palermo, please Spalletti Totti is a training ground, the next game, this city of Roman iconic figure also did not make the squad the team.

This was seen as a tough response to Spalletti Totti. Since Spalletti second malignancy, their relationship becomes very cold. Nearly 40-year-old Totti was abandoned in most games, Totti is now in front of national television microphone to express their strong dissatisfaction, Spalletti will subsequently expelled from the competition squad, both sides contradiction has been completely upgraded.

In the post-match press conference, Spalletti said: "I have great respect for Totti as the Roma coach in my first press conference, I said Totti is a permanent problem. sexual problems, I do not want to become involved. in Rome, Francesco Totti enjoy all the privileges of his position allowed him to do whatever they want and achievements, regardless of what he does, there are a lot of people followed the lead of its. "

"I asked him, you want to be a player like Giggs do you want to be that kind of player Pavel Nedved and do you want, then you will be able to. Or do you want to be an ordinary player, so I will not will give you any privileges and discrimination. "As we all know, Ryan Giggs of Manchester United after retirement to coach seats, Nedved directly into the Juve management, both in their club the perfect curtain call, but it would have been should also be Totti deserved fate.

However, on the current situation, the first tufted suspected as Totti future. In the interview, "Garnett," said: "In June I will decide my future, nobody can make me stop playing football, I know say that will make others uncomfortable, but the current situation makes me very happy, I do not will be forced to retire. "in the case of long-term lack of playing opportunities, Totti, Del Piero may choose the path of a club in the end of his career overseas. In front of his 23-year career in Rome, both for Totti or club, or Roma fans, this result is difficult to accept.

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