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Adelman: Bayern Guardiola with Barcelona without Messi philosophy


3:45 Wednesday morning, a highlight of the Champions League 1/8 finals will be fired, sits at home to usher in powerful Juventus Bayern Munich. Despite surging in the league climbed to the top, but in the face Bayern Munich, Juventus can not have the slightest effect.

In the pre-match press conference, coach Allegri said: "This is a 1/8 Finals, but it looks more like a semi-final first leg match will be in the light of our home. carried out, we will make adequate preparations, with her best performance since the second round in Munich will be a difficult game a lot. this will be a high level of confrontation, the court will determine the outcome of the performance of the two teams, we must on the technical and tactical level and Bayern have reached the same level, so this will be a tense and exciting 180 minutes. "

Although Juventus expensive for the European championship last season, but from the strength in terms of Bayern Munich is still more optimistic about the party, where possible, referring to the two teams to qualify, Allegri said the two sides have a 50% chance: "when the referee blew the opening whistle, Bayern and we have a 50% cut is possible. Bayern is one of the largest popular win the Champions League, so tomorrow's game will be for us or is it a good test and we this season lineup has undergone great changes, a lot of new people to the team, they did not experience what happened last year in the Champions League, while our old players will continue to contribute to the team, they are such a weight class competition to do the game. "

From the coach's terms, Allegri and Guardiola is not new. As a former AC Milan coach Allegri Rossoneri support arm that has become the pinnacle of Barcelona was one of the few to give trouble one of the teams. Talking about the peers, Allegri said:. "Guardiola is a great coach, he has set his football philosophy in Barcelona, ​​and now he will transplant it to the body but the two can not be completely Bayern the same as, for example, Barca have Messi, Bayern Messi, football philosophy is the same, but the implementation of this concept is a different team. "

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