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Real Madrid, Manchester United wash sleep it! Neymar to Barca contract to 2021

On Tuesday, Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" and "World Sports Daily" and other media quoted Kobe station "12 o'clock game" program, said Brazilian striker Neymar has signed a letter of intent to contract with Barcelona, ​​this preparation Although the nature of the agreement do not have the force of law, but also means that the two sides have basically close to agreement on a contract extension.

Not surprisingly, then, Neymar will continue to stay in Barcelona. Spain Kobe radio message said, after a period of negotiation after Neymar has signed with Barcelona club chairman a contract letter of intent letter of intent does not mean that the final contract agreement, can only be considered preliminary agreement but which provides a series of guiding the final contract terms.

According to Kobe station "12 o'clock game," saying Neymar received the contract extension request three seasons, so the Brazilian contract with Barcelona until June 30, 2021 until the end. Neymar then also only 29 years old, still value when the play. As compensation, Neymar will also receive an annual salary increase aspect.

A few days ago, Neymar revealed his new contract is in the right track, the two sides have now put pen to sign it very close. Neymar said: "The contract is in progress, as well as three years of my contract, I am very calm, to reach a contract agreement to be optimistic."

Spain, "the daily sports newspaper," said Neymar initialed contract extension, those rumors about his transfer was a good clarification, even after news that Neymar is likely to join Real Madrid.

"World Sports Daily" also pointed out that prospects for Neymar to stay in Barcelona can be ensured, after the players have repeatedly said publicly that you want to stay in Barcelona, ​​and at the same time, the Barcelona club and Neymar's father is also in contract talks We have made great progress, and now the two sides have signed a preliminary agreement. Positions of both sides have been very close, and now just waiting for the end of the season, the preliminary agreement will become a formal agreement.

2015, Neymar helped Barcelona ho to take five tournaments he has entered the top three FIFA Golden Globe Award, a bright stardom, also won the Golden Globe seems a matter of time. It is reported that the contract renewal penalty would rise from 190 million euros to 250 million euros, while his salary rose to the meeting between the 25 million euros to 30 million euros, the Brazilian will become the second-highest annual salary Barcelona star , second only to Messi, apparently, in order to stay in Brazil star, Barca are willing to pay a huge price. Recently, Neymar in Barcelona purchased a new house, which makes him and Messi, Suarez has become a neighbor, looks MSN group will spearhead for Barcelona in the future for a long time.

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