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Arsenal double king really tried! They ravaged the Premiership was MSN throw off


No miracle! Arsenal lost 0-2 at home to Barcelona. Team and we should have been tried, but the overall strength of the gap or let gunmen swallow the bitter pill of defeat. Especially in ace showdown among Arsenal Ozil and Sanchez still a clear gap and MSN.

The campaign, have to say Ozil and Sanchez are also did the best. Ozil is still the team's playmaker, Arsenal have repeatedly threatened attacks are launched by him. For example, 7 minutes, Ozil calm knock on the left Ramsey, Wales star but was a direct shot but Fengdang. The first 22 minutes, Ozil again instigated a great offensive threat, which once Ozil and cruising to the right side, he knock Beilai Lin, whose shot was blocked a bit Alves, with Chamberlain blank range in the middle of the play into the hands of Teershite roots, Arsenal missed a goalscoring opportunity.

Ozil Ozil game very hard very hard game
Similarly, Sanchez also like proactive. According to OPTA statistics, steals in this game Sanchez reached four times the two teams is the highest number among all the players, showing that Sanchez is already doing all it, and his activities from a regional perspective, Sanchez also repeatedly back on defense to participate in the defense of them, the performance is quite hard. Among the offensive, Sanchez also dedicated the first 79 minutes, crossing the ball sent him, Welbeck headed one, but unfortunately missed the ball Ramsey.

Before the "Daily Mail" has Weapon Arsenal, Ozil and Sanchez are considered the best weapon to defeat the Gunners Barcelona. Sanchez needs to take advantage of Alves assists came neutral, a fatal blow to Barcelona, while Ozil will have as much as possible to create pressure Busquets, whether defensive or offensive which, let the ball calmly cloth professor . But desire is good, but the reality is very cruel, Ozil and Sanchez can not be said to have completed such a task. UEFA's official website after the game commented: "Arsenal ace Ozil and Sanchez worked very hard, but the effect is not particularly desirable."

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