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Real Madrid officially abandoned La Liga! Go all out to fight the Champions copy Season 14

After the stadium Malaga La Sale Da drop points, Real Madrid to convey a message to the outside world, "we absolutely do not give up the Primera Liga." Although the coach Zidane Real Madrid will not give up again and again emphasized the fact whether it is on the players or the fans, they are aware, now go win the Spanish title is an impossible task.

"Marca" that the La Liga seeing hopeless, decided to target the Champions League Real Madrid "Galacticos go all out to win the Champions League." Enrique led the Barcelona Real Madrid currently lead up to nine points, only one of which forced Real Madrid Select: Champions League. Real Madrid in the Champions League this season, the most promising for a champion in the Primera Liga, they have been unable to shake the Barcelona lead.

1997-98 season, the 1999-00 season, the 2001-02 season and 2013-14 season, Real Madrid had four seasons to win the Champions League, the league when they are hopeless cases, choose to give up the Primera Liga, specializing in the Champions League.

For Real Madrid top, the Real Madrid team performance in the Malaga gave them to tap the alarm, they are afraid of Real Madrid players in the state will affect the next Champions League. Last year, Real Madrid beat Schalke 2-0 after back home was nearly Schalke comeback, eventually losing 3-4 at home to Real Madrid, the advantage of relying on the first leg through to the next round.

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