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Real Madrid signings parallel plunged 7 million worth of the worst signings he has a


The start of the season, the Brazilian right-back, Danilo began dressed in white for Real Madrid, but his performance was hardly convincing, according to authoritative data website "transfer market" of the data, in just seven months Lane, Danilo worth has fallen by 7 million euros, a drop of up to 28%.

In April last year, Real Madrid has announced the Danilo to join their transfer fee of 31.5 million euros, however, "the transfer market" at that time did not think Danilo value so much money, they gave the Brazilian standard the worth of 25 million euros.

Due to another Real Madrid right back Carvajal frequently suffered injuries, plus reusable Danilo Benitez also a plus, beginning of the season before Porto winger got a lot of playing opportunities. However, Danilo's performance is very difficult to convince the public, his poor performance in the World War is even more impressive.

Late last year, "the transfer market" Danilo will be worth 25 million euros from 20 million down to this week turn his value dropped 18 million. In other words, in just seven months, it has fallen Danilo worth 700 million euros, a very promising competition of the season's most disappointing signings.

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