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Boateng: Messi, Neymar too fast C Ronaldo 1:00 hardest prevention

Bayern defender Boateng is one of the best defender today's football, then in his view, when a defender is a kind of experience? In the new media platform "player Forum" written column, Boateng talked about his experience as a central defender, and praised Messi, C Ronaldo and Neymar outstanding player this.

When a player like Messi, C Ronaldo or Neymar rushing towards you at full speed when, how would you do? Boateng wrote: "You must quickly determine the current tactical situation: if I place, whether his teammates up against the side if it is, then I'll try one or defensive tackle, but if I was the last one?. defensive player, I can not put the shovel, I must take advantage of the other side of the station's forward speed slowed down, hoping to return in time for his teammates to fight anti. "

Messi go past Boateng Boateng is dispossessing Messi
On how to defend a player, Boateng said: "If the next Messi or C Ronaldo around the large open ground without rushing toward you, no matter what choice you make will be very difficult, they are really fast inside. Mall and Macy's low center of gravity, they turn very quickly, so for me this is very difficult tall defender .C Luo highly, but he has incredible speed and strength, but also a great header. you You can not have a little bit lazy or hesitant, because they will find it, and fight to win scores. they really too good, so you can not make even a small mistake. "

Germany defender Boateng C Lo C Luoboeteng defense team in Germany

Boateng also spoke of a great trait MSN and C Ronaldo: "C Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, Neymar - they are able to find the one you're scared and they fear that if such a breath smell a trace they will destroy you so as a defensive player, in addition to speed and skill you need confidence. "he also mentioned another major pressure against enemies when:." Facing teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the you have to make a good one with ease is difficult, because they handle the ball very quickly and very unforgiving. If I was in the restricted area, I can not just want to kick the ball out, because they will get the ball and continue on our facilities pressure. "

Boateng when the striker had early experience, he said it also helped to his defense. Boateng said: "Every player has a habit of attacking the way, I tried to determine what they are thinking, for example, 'most of the time he would cut inside and then left footed shot' but when you truly outstanding defensive player is. There are no secret plans to stop them is a major reason .C Luo untenable is his right and left foot can be shot, most of the time you do not know how he would do. "

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