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Invincible Arsenal veteran today? God to Japan

Last night, Robert Pires news suddenly brought back retired people that support Arsenal invincible nostalgia. A lot of people at the same time surprised Pires still active in football, could not help but curious, the year that support Arsenal unbeaten members, now have to go?

Henry (narrator)

Arsenal's 49 games unbeaten journey, Henry missed only one game, he played mad into 39 balls in 48 games, the interpretation of the Arab king character. But a little disappointed that the king of Highbury for the final round of a championship dreams, left his fortune Arsenal, and Barcelona won the coveted Champions League trophy, also won an unprecedented six-time winner. New York Red Bulls Henry removed thereafter, where retired retire.

After Henry reaction Henry reaction that Rogers school after learning of the school Rogers
Later, things we all know, Henry is now in the "Sky Sports" doing the work of a commentary, and in "The Sun" and opened his own newspaper column.

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