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C Luo and then exposed new love! Glamorous sexy models star ex-wife


"World Sports Daily" Bulgarian media quoted the sources said, C Luo new girlfriend exposure, she is Bulgarian model Nicoletta - Loza Nova (Nikoleta Lozanova).

C C Luo Luo new love new love
According to reports, 28-year-old Nova Loza, magazine model, was "Playboy" named the 2006 "Best Bulgarian Playmate", she married the Bulgarian striker Bojinov in 2011, the two I have a daughter, but divorced.

Bulgarian Bulgarian supermodel supermodel

Earlier, tennis star Maria Sharapova and her boyfriend broke up Dimitrov, rumor has it that because Sharapova found her boyfriend cheating behavior exists, reportedly having an affair with Dimitrov precisely Luozha Nova.

Reported that, C Lo is met by Instagram Nova Loza, Loza Nova has also been to visit Madrid C Lo.

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