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Melon handsome without cell policy:? His would ask other people how you did on


Last weekend Bayern beat Wolfsburg 2-0, scored a key victory. The game Bayern debut three candidates are Tiago, Franck Ribery and Rhodes have been recovered from the German star grid policy is still the audience dry bench, did not get the opportunity to play. When asked about the issue of media, Bayern coach Guardiola responded.

Before the game against Darmstadt, melon Shuai has said Goetze is possible to get some playing time. Last week he even said, "Goetze playing time is likely to reach 90 minutes," but he did not let this Goetze played two league games. Speaking Goetze Why did not play the problem seemed to be somewhat impatient Guardiola: "We have seven offensive players, I need to make a decision if the grid policy to play, and you may well be asked why Robben, Mu. Le Levan or did not play. this is my decision, that's it. "the game against Wolfsburg, Bayern attack seven group starting five, the first off the bench is Franck Ribery, the French star's performance is very active.

Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer melon handsome also expressed support: "grid policy in good shape, which is great for us, but he still lacks match rhythm Pape decide whether a player played, (did not play) on. Mario is not a happy thing, but Pape's decision is entirely reasonable, "Sammer considered against Wolfsburg was a very close and intense match, and therefore did not debut grid policy is not surprising:" for Mario may be a bit uncomfortable, but I think that it can understand. (against Wolfsburg) is not our time to do the experiment, the grid policy will get the opportunity to play. "

Captain Ram said: "I do not worry about Mario, he is an outstanding player and very professional, so he returned to the track just a matter of time." Bayern will go to signal Yi Duna Park this weekend, the title race challenge biggest rival Borussia Dortmund. There is also a league team week, at home against currently ranked No. 5 in Mainz. If Bayern be rotated in the game, cell policy is likely to get the chance.

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