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pit! Golden Boy was actually half Manchester City one hundred million anti-bone Aberdeen anti-wear handsome he sold championship

First came to just over one-third of the race when, in the Stirling wing cut foot shot, hit teammate Silva deflected the bottom line, the sidelines boos. Well, Oh, it could be bad luck. But then this is a little outrageous foot, 60 minutes, Yaya Toure, Silva, played with subtlety, then Sterling Silva scalpel-like precision assists, singled out former team goalkeeper Ole Meaney, As a result, he did not play a positive, direct target, which considered as a "foot of mercy" mean?

Sterling also hit the ball you fly ... Sterling also hit the ball you fly ...

If you say that just under or accidental, that this really felt a bit bizarre, the game less than 60 minutes, Aguero suddenly from outside the penalty area Youlei speed even had two, then gently knocked to the Road Manchester Lin, Sterling this actually has single-handedly deflect! At this time on Twitter it is already boos. "Daily Telegraph" correspondent linking new demon king Rush Crawford irony him:? "This is what the morals Mount Crawford did not spend a dime, Sterling was able to spend 50 million pounds, money really It has been distorted. "

After the game, Goal.com and the "Daily Mail" without exception, the lowest audience given to Stirling, he failed all three times extraordinary, three shots hit fly all four feet in no time pass find teammates. In the full 8 points, 9 points teammates, Stirling 5 points is extremely harsh. Goal.com mercilessly, said:. "If not him, then somehow wasted opportunity, the City would have to win the game in regular time" in such a critical battle, to face former team, to play so outrageous the point where it is no wonder the fans have questioned Stirling is "undercover", "anti-bone Aberdeen" the.

It is worth mentioning that last moment, Pellegrini did not allow such a striker Stirling penalty kick, and the choice of Yaya - Toure, fees bird, Navas and Aguero, there is both age and experience, psychological factors, but also on his sleepwalking state in this field considerations, after all, the champion at your fingertips, if you really because of his bad play, let champion handed it over, then the team did not know how long to regret . So go on several other generals, whether you are really anti-bone Aberdeen or fake anti-bone Aberdeen, the key moment, or send more diligent and reliable.

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