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Klopp knife Liverpool! Cleaning parallel 32.5 million

Unfortunately lost on penalty shootout, the first champion Klopp own career coach missed the Premier League, but eat a cutting wisdom, after this defeat, the residue of this moment alone t understand Liverpool's squad, the team is difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the tournament, this time, he had a knife to quell Liverpool.

Message from "The Sun", which transform Liverpool's first Klopp knife Kanxiang squad 32.5 million pounds worth of this front Pa Turk, who is a former Belgium coach last summer Rogers spent a great price available, however, he failed to be able to play at Anfield in their strength, so far this season played only 22 times, but only scored six goals in the Premier League, Liverpool fans get him intolerable with another big year Carol par parallel, which further strengthened his determination to clean Klopp.

This is no longer the future of the Turk Turk has no future at Liverpool in Liverpool

The paper said that now in the eyes of coach Klopp, Sturridge back from injury is still the first choice striker position, midfielder Phil Mino also able to lead the team's front line, and even his own Belgium Today's brother Ao Liji are ranked in the overall appearance of the Turk before, no doubt, the 3250 Mr. Wan Yingbang at Anfield days are numbered.

At the same time, this will leave there with Turk goalkeeper Ole Meaney, last weekend, the Belgian goalkeeper at Wembley against Manchester City in the show out of the near-amateur level, and finally to Crowe Cape unbearable, although he has only just re-signed with the club a new five-year contract, but it is clear that Klopp will not have any of his fantasies. The contract expires this summer right-back Flanagan has been told the club will not be renewed.

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