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Premiership marshal Mourinho will play psychological warfare than a toxic milk Mengguan Arsenal

Premiership big dark horse this season is undoubtedly Leicester City last season, only 11 match, Leicester City still topped the list, and truly become one of the team of the season champion. However, despite mastered the initiative in the title race, Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri is still quite low-key, he praised Tottenham and Arsenal are the favorites to win in an interview, I do not know if that is not the title race to the two Ranieri opponents fed a "poison milk."

Leicester City is currently five points ahead of Arsenal, Tottenham 2 points ahead, but also Arsenal and Tottenham this weekend positive PK, so the situation is undoubtedly very beneficial for Leicester City. But Ranieri said: "I think Tottenham and Arsenal is the favorite, Tottenham at each position is very strong, whether offensive or defensive, they can be a good tactic to achieve their requirements."

Leicester City fans optimistic about a black in the end optimistic Leicester City fans and one black in the end

Ranieri continued: "Everyone is talking about Leicester City, but no one said that Tottenham Hotspur is the favorite, followed by Arsenal and Manchester City as well as I know, this season we are very surprising. performance is very energy, we have a great season, but realistic, the real competition is between champion Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City fishes, we just fourth popular. Tottenham this season is that we encounter to the best opponents. "

Ranieri's remarks undoubtedly want to reduce the outside world for Leicester City expectations, the pressure threw several other title rivals after Jose Mourinho, the Premier League has been a long time not seen such a psychological warfare . Although Ranieri initiative weakness, but the fans but it is not buying it. In the survey, "Mirror" started in, there are up to 71% of fans think Leicester City can win the Premier League title this season.

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